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I know technical “stuff” isn’t for eveyone but I thought it would be great to address a way to drive more traffice to your sites. More traffic = more leads! What better way to get those engines crawling on your site than video! And, it isn’t as hard as you think. I just made it even easier! Listen HERE:

I hope you have a SAFE, FABULOUS AND PROSPEROUS weekend!
AKA The Lending Lady

Happy Friday!

I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see a Friday! This week has marked one of the most remarkable weeks in the mortgage industry in recent memory. We have been up, done and all around! Listen here for the three steps you need to take this weekend to take advantage:

I wish you much luck with these items this weekend!

If there is anything I can do to assist just let me know!

Have a fabulous and prosperous weekend,


AKA The Lending Lady

Happy Friday!

This week we are going to focus on one quick and easy way to create urgency in all those fence sitters! Let’s have them jump, no leap, off that fence and run to purchase a home. Listen Now!

If you missed the call this week on the book Training Camp you missed a great lesson! But have no fear, it was recorded and you can listen here:

As always, have a fabulous and prosperous weekend!


AKA The Lending Lady

Who wants $8,000? All you have to do is buy a home – my favorite thing! Everyone is talking about the tax credit but does everyone understand? I mean just last year it was $7500, you had to pay it back over 15yrs and they made it as complicated as it could be.  Now, the rules are different and we have confused people again.  So, be the voice of sanity in today’s craziness. First time homebuyers will receive an $8,00 tax CREDIT for buying a home, AND they can file an amendment to their tax return so to receive without waiting. Yes – that means if you buy in May 2009 you can file an amendment to your tax return and get the money. Some clients could buy using a USDA loan, put no money down and then get $8,000 back! AMAZING! Let everyone you know, KNOW!

Make it a prosperous and fabulous weekend!

We all need to keep a good, high energy fuel in our business. In today’s market – how can you do that? Everyone talks about doom and gloom, blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t have to be that way! Those that are out there making a successful career today are the ones  staying positive and continuing to FUEL their business.

This week we look at the F in Fuel. Listen to find out what you can do this weekend to get some of that high energy fuel.

BTW – if you have a marketing tip or blog you want me to share with others just let me know!

Make it a fabulous and prosperous weekend!

Learn the latest updates on how short sales, foreclosures, and the stimulus package effects your clients.

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FINALLY! IT IS HERE! And, no I don’t mean the day we saw the Cardinals at the Super Bowl, but wasn’t that exciting! Go Cardinals! This video blog has been a project of mine for some time and at last I can debut it to you.  The goal and vision of Agent Success Bytes is to bring you “bytes” of information –  tips, ideas and updates that you can use to put money in your pocket. Each video “bite” will be brief and provide fuel to your business.  Small tips you can “bite” into one at a time. I just want to do anything I can to help you become the most successful agent you can be and help you realize your dreams.

Oddly enough, the most difficult task with this blog has been naming it! I must have changed it a thousand times. But I stuck with the Agent Success theme I use in my seminars and decided that giving you weekly “bytes” will help you take a “bite” out of your business challenges. So, here is your first bit to chomp on…..W2′s are in!!!!